Third Joint Session of the Panel on Tropical Cyclones and the Typhoon Committee (42nd Session of PTC and 47th Session of TC)

9 Feb 2015 to 13 Feb 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

The 3rd Joint Session of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee and WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC) will be convened from 09 to 13 February 2015 at United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The session is organized by ESCAP in cooperation with the Typhoon Committee, the Panel on Tropical Cyclone and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Session is to review the progress made in implementation of effective measures required for typhoon damage reduction.

Objectives of the session
The agenda of the Joint Session are as follows

- To evaluate 2014 Typhoon Season and activities of RSMCs
- To review 2014 Tropical Cyclone Operational Plan (TOP) and Typhoon Committee Operational Manual (TOM)
- To coordinate activities with WMO