Thematic Training for Drought Monitoring and Early Warning

5 Feb 2018 to 9 Feb 2018
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Countries in Southeast Asia such as Myanmar continue to experience frequent drought events. These disasters have led to severe economic and livelihood loss, which in turn greatly influences food insecurity. It is of high importance to understand and continuously monitor these hazards to devise mitigation and adaptation plans. Geographic information systems (GIS) combined with the powers of Remote Sensing (RS) has proved to be a very useful tool for the whole drought risk management workflow, starting from the monitoring to mitigation and response.

ESCAP is providing technical support to the Government of Myanmar as part of its capacity building initiative under the Regional Drought Mechanism to build the capacity of government stakeholders to understand the use of GIS technology and earth observation data for drought monitoring. A number of tools are being customized to support evidence-based decision making in Myanmar, including Drought Analysis Software, which is a drought monitoring system developed by the National Remote Sensing Center of Indian Space Research Organization.

The aim of this training is to provide participants with the in-depth understanding of the Drought Monitoring System that has been customized for Myanmar with expert support from the National Remote Sensing Center of Indian Space Research Organization and to leverage the usage of this software for drought monitoring, analysis, early warning and decision making.