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19 to 23 November 2018 | By invitation only

At the first session of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) Steering Committee in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1-2 November 2017, Pacific island participants (Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu) identified four priority areas for the subregional implementation of AP-IS, namely 1) capacity building on the AP-IS four pillars; 2) connectivity and access to isolated communities; 3) infrastructure sharing policy and 4) cybersecurity and associated policies. In this context, the Pacific island participants requested that ESCAP, and its partners, provide technical support and hold a subregional capacity development meeting on these priority areas as part of the implementation of AP-IS subregional plan.

The above-mentioned four priority areas for the Pacific island countries and AP-IS subregional implementation plan were discussed at the Dhaka meeting based on ESCAP studies and analyses. According to a recent ESCAP study, 18 ESCAP member States, on average, had less than 2 per cent of their populations with fixed-broadband subscriptions in 2016. Out of the 18 countries, 8 are Pacific island countries (45%). In the case of mobile broadband subscription, 13 ESCAP member States, on average, had less than 20 per cent of their respective populations had access to mobile-broadband services in 2016. Six are Pacific island countries (46%).


Additional Documents
Participant Info_Nov18 Events in Nadi(2).pdf
Report, final.pdf

Infrastructure connectivity towards a more integrated market, FINTEL.pdf
Samoa Speech Associate Minister Panel Discussion.pdf.pdf
Wireless Communications for the Pacific Islands, Université du Québec.pdf
Traffic & Network Demand, TFL.pdf
The Satellite Communications Perspective in Pacific Island Countries, USP_0.pdf
Pacific Regional ICT Strategic Action Plan, USP.pdf
APCICT’s Capacity Building Initiatives.pdf
Affordable Broadband for All, ITU.pdf
Affordable Broadband For All, Vanuatu.pdf
Affordable Broadband, Tonga.pdf
Building Disaster Resilience in ICT Sector in Pacific SIDS, ESCAP.pdf
ICT Statistics for evidence based policy-making, ESCAP.pdf
ICT statistics insights from the population census data of Tonga, ESCAP.pdf
Pacific SDGs, SPC.pdf
Group Work - Session 1.xlsx
ICT Data Collection – The Papua New Guinea Experience.pdf
National ICT data collection and challenges in Tonga.pdf
Data Collection Practices, Vanuatu.pdf
ICT indicators and the IDI, ITU.pdf
ICT Statistics and IDI Indicators Workshop, Kiribati.pdf
e-Resilience in support of Emergency Communication, Contingencies, LIRNEasia.pdf
e-Resilience Survivability and Availability Exercise the RASTER Method, LIRNEasia.pdf
Data collection ICT, Pacific Community.pdf

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