Sub-regional Training Workshop on Changes in 2008 SNA Affecting GDP Compilation

30 Jun 2014 to 4 Jul 2014
Astana, Kazakhstan

ESCAP together with the Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan, IMF and ROSSTAT organized a subregional technical training on GDP compilation in Kazakhstan. This training was designed within the framework of the Regional Programme for the Improvement of Economic Statistics in Asia and the Pacific and was organized with funding from the Russian Federation based on existing assessments and surveys conducted in the countries of the sub-region. The training focused on the changes in the 2008 SNA with implications for GDP compilation and covered topics such as owner-occupied dwellings. The participants were expected to come prepared to share experiences on GDP compilation in their respective country and were encouraged to bring specific questions related to the course subject matter.

Contact: Zeynep Orhun Girard at [email protected]

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