Stats Café series: Accessing and using subnational population estimates in Asia and the Pacific

27 May 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
Open meeting

The Stats Café series responds to country requests for advice, assistance and an opportunity to share experiences related to the impact of CoVID-19 on National Statistical Systems. The Stats Café will be virtual only, in English and open to you all. Numbers are not limited and travel is not required. Each Stats Café session will comprise a webinar and minimum of 15 minutes questions and answer.

For our first Stats Café, we are honored to collaborate with World Pop and Esri on the topic of “Accessing and using subnational population statistics in Asia and the Pacific”.

Please register for the Asia-Pacific Stats Café Here and join at Microsoft Teams Meeting.


  • The importance of sex and age structure with respect to Covid19 in Asia and the Pacific.
  • How to access subnational disaggregated population estimates.
  • How to use GIS products to analyse subnational population data.
  • Letting us know how we can support users of this data.
  • This webinar is based on an ESCAP Statistics Division “Stats Brief on Broken down by age and sex: Why reliable and timely population statistics are more important than ever".

    It will begin with a presentation on why subnational population statistics are important for planning for the COVID-19 response. It will then be followed by two practical presentations: one on how to access disaggregated subnational population statistics, in this case those prepared by WorldPop and one on how to use GIS products to analyze this data, presented by Esri. This will be followed by a poll and discussion on how to best meet the needs of users and producers of subnational population estimates.


    • Gemma Van Halderen, Director, Statistics Division, UNESCAP


    • Petra Nahmias, Chief, Population and Social Statistics Section, UNESCAP
    • Alessandro Sorichetta, Associate Professor, WorldPop Project, University of Southampton
    • Maksym Bondarenko, Head of WorldPop Spatial Data Infrastructure, WorldPop Project, University of Southampton
    • Linda Peters, Global Business Development Manager for Official Statistics, Esri

    Q&A Moderator:

    • Petra Nahmias, Chief, Population and Social Statistics Section, UNESCAP


    • Wednesday, 27 May 2020


    • 12.00 p.m. (Bangkok time), 22.00 (PDT – May 26), 6.00 (BST), 7.00 (CEST), 10.30 (IST), 12.00 (ICT), 15.00 (AEST), 17.00 (FJT)

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