Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference

16 Sep 2013 to 20 Sep 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, convened the Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok from 16-20 September 2013. The Sixth APPC set the population and development agenda for the region over the next decade with its Asian and Pacific Ministerial Declaration on Population and Development.


Held once every decade, the Asian and Pacific Population Conferences provide a vital forum for forging and strengthening partnerships across the region in the field of population and development.

To date, ESCAP has convened five population conferences for the Asia-Pacific region as follows:

  • First Asian Population Conference, New Delhi, 1963
  • Second Asian Population Conference, Tokyo, 1972
  • Third Asian and Pacific Population Conference, Colombo, 1982
  • Fourth Asian and Pacific Population Conference, Bali, 1992
  • Fifth Asian and Pacific Population Conference, Bangkok, 2002

Other Regional Population Conferences

As mandated in the General Assembly Resolution 65/234, a review was conducted in each region in order to identify progress and achievements towards the goals set out in the landmark International Conference on Population and Development. The results of these reviews were presented at the various regional population conferences, organized by the respective United Nations Regional Commissions and other partners as follows: