Seminars on Improving Maritime Transport Safety and Development of Port Infrastructure

19 Dec 2016 to 21 Dec 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is planning to organize Regional Meetings on “Improving Maritime Transport Safety in the ESCAP region” and “Development of Port Infrastructure in the ESCAP region” at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok on 19-21 December 2016 (one and a half days, each).

The first meeting (19 December and morning of 20 December) will present the interim findings of a study on the “Improvement of Maritime Transport Safety in the ESCAP region” that ESCAP is implementing in collaboration with the Korea Maritime Institute. The meeting will review practices and challenges, and discuss possible options to enhance maritime safety in the region, including safety policies and regulations, risk assessment, compliance, and monitoring.

The second meeting (afternoon of 20 December and 21 December) will discuss challenges in the development of port infrastructure in the light of new trends emerging in the shipping sector. Most significantly, new high-capacity container vessels will demand deeper draughts, new handling equipment, enhanced berth productivity and expanded yard facilities. In addition, the call for a truly integrated regional transport system requires a new conceptual approach in the design of ports to reinforce their role as gateways to hinterland areas, thereby asking for a rethink of port interfaces between ships and land transport modes.

The meeting will also create valuable networking opportunities among officials and experts of the region responsible for addressing related issues in their respective countries.