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03 to 07 September 2018 | By invitation only

In June, 2018, the first of a two-workshop series was held in Samoa, applying a generic tool (EPIC) to the task of identifying key data requirements of seven pre-selected sectors on the basis of their own sector and development plans. The details of the workshop, including the detailed concept note, agenda and workshop report can be found on the following link[1]. The second of these workshops was held in Apia, Samoa, from 3 to 7 September; and it focused on the remaining seven sectors, with some changes based on lessons learnt from the first workshop.

The objectives for Workshop 2 were very similar to Workshop 1, but it was more focused on testing the new manual and worksheets developed since the first workshop, for applying the generic tool. Under this approach, the two key objectives were to: 

  1. Apply the generic tool in detail to the remaining seven sector plans, and commence work on identifying all key data requirements for these sectors based on their existing planning documents;
  2. Deliberate on the most appropriate way forward for Samoa to fully adopt the generic tool and to clearly outline all data requirements Samoa wishes to meet for national monitoring and regional/global reporting.

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