Regional Policy Workshop on Wastewater Management and Sanitation in South-East Asia

2 Apr 2015 to 3 Apr 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP and UN-Habitat are jointly implementing a project on “Strengthening capacity of policymakers in South-East Asia to promote policies and developing plans for improved wastewater treatment and reuse in urban and peri-urban areas”, to address wastewater and sanitation issues through the promotion of the Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems (DEWATS). Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Viet Nam have been selected to conduct national activities including policy studies, national workshops and a pilot project. The main objective of the project is to support capacity building of policy makers and planners for better wastewater management through different activities at regional and national levels.

The goal of this second regional policy workshop is to further enhance knowledge and awareness of the national level policy makers, local government officials and other experts on DEWATS amongst urban and peri-urban communities in South-East Asia (SEA) and identify the framework of the regional cooperation. The specific objectives of the workshop are as follows:

1. To review and discuss the main findings and outcomes from the project implementation, in particular:
a. the Policy Guidance Manual on Wastewater Management with a Special Emphasis on DEWATS in SEA and the case studies;
b. the e-learning training module on enabling policies for Wastewater Management and DEWATS in SEA, incorporate suggestions to further disseminate the e-learning knowledge platform through open-university network;
2. To discuss and identify the policies and strategies to scale up the development of DEWAT initiative at regional level, as well as the market opportunities and enabling mechanisms.

Materials of the first regional policy workshop of stakeholders on DEWATS in South East Asia are saved at: