Regional Meeting on Harmonization of Legal Instruments and Documentation for Cross-border and Transit Transport by Road, Bangkok, 16-17 December 2015

16 Dec 2015 to 17 Dec 2015
Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Legal instruments are the basis for international transport. Many of legal instruments have not been implemented effectively due to lack of capacity and other reasons. The UNESCAP Regional Network of Legal and Technical Experts on Transport Facilitation was established in February 2014 to assist member countries in building more efficient legal regime for international transport in the region.

Under the Regional Network, several comparative studies on subregional and bilateral agreements on transport facilitation were undertaken. On the basis of these studies, the secretariat has developed a draft Model Subregional Agreement on Transport Facilitation as well as a draft Model Bilateral Agreement on International Road Transport, which can be used as guidelines for gradual region-wide harmonization of legal instruments on cross-border and transit transport by road at both multilateral and bilateral levels.