Regional Meeting on Handbook for Cross-Border Transport along the Asian Highway, Multilateral Permit System and International Road Organization

22 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

The purpose of the Regional Meeting is to review and finalize the Handbook on Cross-Border Transport along the Asian Highway and a set of cross-border road transport performance indicators which have been developed under the project “Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Cross-Border Transport on the Asian Highway Network”. The Handbook and cross-border road transport performance indicators will strengthen the capacities of member countries to assess and take measures towards improving operational conditions for cross-border transport as well as to plan and implement transport facilitation measures in collaboration with other countries.

Following a request by a number of regional meetings, the secretariat undertook a study on the establishment and functioning of a multilateral permits system for international road transport on the Asian Highway Network, and developed a proposal which draws upon the best existing features and related best practices. The Regional Meeting will review the study, discuss current challenges related to road transport permits and traffic rights, and explore opportunities for launching a multilateral permit system for international road transport in the region.

As requested by the Ministerial Conference on Transport held at Moscow in December 2016, the Regional Meeting will also discuss a recent study report on the establishment of an International Road Organization to help ensure safe, efficient, affordable and environmentally sound use of road for sustainable development.

Participation in the meeting is by invitation only.

Contact person:
Bekhzod Rakhmatov (Mr.), Associate Economic Affairs Officer, Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section, Transport Division, Tel:+66-2-288-2237, Fax:+66-2-288-1020, Email: [email protected]