Regional Meeting on Financing Graduation Gaps of Asia-Pacific LDCs

28 Oct 2014 to 30 Oct 2014
Dhaka, Bangladesh

ESCAP and UNDESA in cooperation with the Government of Bangladesh will jointly organize the Regional Meeting on Financing Graduation Gaps in Asia-Pacific LDCs.

The key consideration that the proposed workshop in Dhaka in October 2014 aims to address is the whole issue of finding and using financial resources to close the graduation “gap” within a well developed graduation strategy.

The main objectives of the regional meeting are to (1) present and discuss the “refined” criteria for graduation including the review and reporting process conducted by CDP; (2) present and discuss some estimates of the financial resources needed by each of the 12 Asia-Pacific LDCs in closing their graduation gaps; (3) identify and discuss the sources of financial resources including international support measures and domestic resources to raise the required resources; (4) discuss the concrete measures and institutional mechanisms for proper utilization of the resources raised; and (5) recommend key policy measures to support resource mobilization and utilization. A special session would be devoted to discussing the implications of the sustainable development goals in light of the outcome of the General Assembly deliberations in September 2014