Policy Dialogue on “South Asian Cooperation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

10 Dec 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By invitation only

With nearly a quarter of humanity residing in South Asia, the subregion remains the home to the largest concentration of people living in poverty and hunger, huge inequalities and disparities within populations in the subregion. South Asia’s share in global income and assets is disproportionately low, reflecting the constraints in resources and capacities. In this context, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development presents a transformational opportunity to end multiple, often intersecting, inequalities, and deprivations.

The Policy Dialogue on “South Asian Cooperation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” which is organized by UNESCAP-SSWA on 10 December 2019 in Dhaka, aims to deepen and share the understanding of the stakeholders on the effective utilization of regional cooperation and integration modalities to achieve the SDGs in South Asia. It will provide a platform for sharing of learning experiences, good practices, and policy options for countries in South Asia to cooperate, strengthen partnerships and identify the well-defined substantive way forward to support the implementation of SDGs in the subregion.

It will engage various stakeholders, including Heads of policy think-tanks, representatives of governments, academia, civil society organizations, media, and other key stakeholders from South Asian countries and provide a common platform to examine the state of regional cooperation in South Asia, discuss potential areas for strengthening further the subregional linkages.