National Awareness Raising and Capacity Building Workshop on Measurement of Inland Transport CO2 Emissions and Assessment Tool (ForFITS)

23 Sep 2013 to 24 Sep 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

As part of the implementation of the project entitled “Development and implementation of a monitoring and assessment tool for CO2 emissions in inland transport to facilitate climate change mitigation” funded by the United Nations Development Account, ESCAP and Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning, Ministry of Transport of Thailand have jointly organized this national workshop to pilot the use of an inland transport emission measurement model named For Future Inland Transport Systems (ForFITS). The ForFITS model is based on system dynamics approach and is available for download from UNECE web site:

Background of the UNDA project on measurement and mitigation of transport sector emissions - ECE
State of Emissions and Introduction to UNDA Project on Measurement of Transport CO2 Emissions - ESCAP
ForFITS: A monitoring and assessment tool "For Future Inland Transport Systems" General overview - ECE
ForFITS: Explanation of the Vensim model

Model Files: Thailand Case
1. VPM file (October 2013) (version 5)
2. Excel file (Thailand Case) (version 5)

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Ms. Thanattaporn Rasamit
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