Launch of the Ready for the Dry Years, Second edition at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management

27 Nov 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia

08.30 to 09.00 hrs. (GMT+7)
YouTube Live Webcast at

The Ready for the Dry Years publication series is part of joint efforts between ESCAP and ASEAN to mobilize region-wide action to step-up drought risk management. It supports ASEAN Member States to prepare for intensifying drought risk, by assessing patterns of drought hazard exposure and vulnerability, highlighting drought impacts, and assessing future drought risks in the decades ahead. The series also delivers concrete policy advice for addressing drought risk.

The second edition of the Report will be launched at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management, which will be held virtually on 27th November. Building on the earlier edition, this edition provides a more detailed overview of drought risk in South-East Asia, by expanding the geographical coverage of the first edition and combining rainfall data with other socio-economic indicators to reveal the hotspots where the populations are most vulnerable to drought. It then takes a holistic approach to understanding drought impacts by examining the issue from socioeconomic, health, environmental, and humanitarian perspectives.

This edition has been designed to usher in a paradigm shift towards more proactive and adaptive drought management across South-East Asia. Accordingly, it proposes three priority actions for reinforcing cooperation in a regional drought agenda for adapting to risk in a changing climate. Establishing this agenda will require Member States to adopt an ASEAN declaration on drought, support cross-sectoral initiatives for drought adaptation, and address human and ecosystem vulnerabilities in drought hotspots. The Report is providing the evidence base for these interventions, including for the recently-adopted ASEAN Declaration on the Strengthening of Adaptation to Drought and will continue to inform the subsequent Regional Plan of Action.