High Level Seminar on the Creative Economy and Copyright as Pathways to Sustainable Development

6 Dec 2017 to 8 Dec 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Leveraging the creative economy can provide developing countries with a unique pathway towards attaining sustainable development. The creative economy can be defined broadly “as a dynamic blend of creative industries that cover all cycles of creation, production, and distribution of goods and services that use intellectual capital as primary inputs”. The creative economy has the potential to be a key sector driving job creation and innovation in developing countries. Furthermore, there is increasing recognition of the contribution of the creative economy towards trade and economic growth. This seminar aims to provide policy makers with an introduction to some of the key measures, policy and regulatory frameworks to be implemented in order to benefit from the opportunities presented by the creative economy. Emphasis will be given to copyright-based creative industries.

The key objectives of the seminar are:
• to discuss and compare contributions of the creative sector to job creation, trade and sustainable development of participating countries;
• to discuss the policies that governments in the region have put in place to support the growth and development impact of the creative economy;
• to share information on the role of copyright as key enabler for creative economy and sustainable development;
• to share strategies and experiences of copyright as a tool and facilitator for trade promotion and investment policy;
• and to discuss the international copyright framework and its benefits for developing countries.