High-level Policy Dialogue on Regional Cooperation, Connectivity and Inclusive Development in South and South-West Asia

28 Nov 2013 to 29 Nov 2013
New Delhi, India

As part of the ESCAP South and South-West Asia (SSWA) Office's continuing engagement with member States to increase regional cooperation for accelerated inclusive and sustainable development across the subregion, the New Delhi-based office will host the High-level Policy Dialogue on Regional Cooperation, Connectivity and Inclusive Development in SSWA on 28th and 29th November. One highlight of the event will be the High-level round table of eminent experts and officials who will discuss the potential for greater regional cooperation between the 10 member States. Other policy discussions and analysis will address priority development areas for SSWA countries and ways to strengthen regional connectivity for trade and transit facilitation. Panelists will also recommend actions to boost regional cooperation in food security, energy security and disaster-risk reduction strategies.

The Policy Dialogue will also discuss the recommendations of the South Asia Policy Dialogue on Women's Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship that ESCAP-SSWA will hold on 27th November, and which will be attended by major South Asian women's chambers of commerce and entrepreneurship, and network organizations.

Two key publications will be launched in SSWA as part of the event: the ESCAP Trade and Investment Report 2013, during a panel of experts which will consider the key results of the Report and implications for trade and investment strategies in the subregion, and the MHHDC South Asia Human Development Report 2013, with key luminaries from across South Asia engaged to discuss the conclusions and opportunities for greater regional cooperation to address water-related aspects of human development in SSWA. The latter launch is the outcome of a partnership between ESCAP-SSWA and the Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Centre (MHHDC), Pakistan.