High-level Meeting for Coordinated Implementation of International Standards for Macroeconomic Statistics

3 Sep 2014 to 4 Sep 2014
Vladivostok, Russian Federation

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High-level Meeting was organised by UNESCAP in cooperation with the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) of the Russian Federation, the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD), International Monetary Fund and the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Countries and international organizations have joined efforts towards adapting the major macroeconomic statistical frameworks to the changing world economy and harmonizing them for a more integrated approach to economic statistics over the past years. The results are seen in the revised system of national accounts (SNA), balance of payments and government finance standards and the reinforced alignment of the latter two with the 2008 SNA; the main framework integrating economic statistics.

Based on various assessments and demands expressed by member States, and with funding from the Russian Federation, ESCAP together with development partners is organizing a high-level meeting on the updated international standards with a view to encourage and support better coordination among the different producers of economic statistics and accelerating the implementation of state-of-the-art methodologies in compiling and disseminating macroeconomic statistics. The high-level meeting constitutes a milestone in the implementation, in the target countries, of the Regional Programme for the Improvement of Economic Statistics in Asia and the Pacific and is the second event under the Russian Federation-funded project “Strengthening capacity of NSSs in priority countries to produce and disseminate economic statistics, including national accounts in accordance with 2008 SNA.”

The meeting aimed to increase awareness among and mobilization of support from policymakers for the coordinated implementation of the updated international standards for producing and disseminating macroeconomic statistics with a focus on the main framework integrating economic statistics: 2008 SNA. The meeting is expected to mobilize support for improved meso-level statistics and infrastructures to support the implementation of the macroeconomic statistical standards and equip the heads of statistics offices and departments in the agencies with strategies to accelerate national implementation.

High-level policy makers from the ministries of development planning, economy, heads of NSOs, heads of statistical departments of central banks and ministries of finance from North and Central Asian countries. International organizations, other than the organizing partners, will also be invited.

For more information please contact Ms Zeynep Orhun Girard, Statistician at the ESCAP Statistics Division: [email protected].