The Global 500 Asia Forum

2 Sep 2000
Kitakyushu, Japan

The Global 500 Asia Forum was held on 2 September 2000 in Kitakyushu, Japan. The Forum was designed to share experiences as well as exchange knowledge and idea between the Global 500 Laureates of Asia and the youth of the region. Discussions were held in two group sessions: "The Path to Sustainable Development" and "Education for a Sustainable Future in Asia and the Pacific". The following recommendations emerged from these discussions:

1. It would be helpful to hold meetings such as the Global 500 Asia Forum on a periodic basis, in order to enhance activities for protecting the global environment through international, inter-generational, and inter-organizational discussions. We expect similar networks to be formed in other countries and regions, and for the Global 500 Laureates and institutions concerned to support these types of activites.

2. In order for youths, such as members of the UNEP Youth Caucus, to have access to information necessary for considering sustainable development, the Forum participants expect an information center for youths to be established within the Asian Information Database outlined in the "Kitakyushu Initiative for Clean Environment" proposed to ESCAP/MCED.
3. In order to promote environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region, the compilation of an information database for capacity building, as well as the creation of networks, is expected to begin through related institutions such as the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.
4. The global internet environmental fund system proposed by Global Environmental Action, which is a system to raise funds from the public through the internet to support NGO activities financially, will be most helpful. Forum participants expect institutions concerned, including the Government of Japan, to establish such a system as soon as possible.
5. The governments are expected to pay attention to the quality and the targets of environmental education, and to ensure that these factors are taken into account when considering indicators for sustainable development. It was also expected that the governments will make commitment to invest in education for sustainable development, in order to enhance the environmental awareness of the people with a global perspective.
6. The transfer of technology is most important for developing countries to achieve sustainable development. In order to realize this, we encourage each government and institution to make every effort to promote the transfer of technology.