The Fourteenth Policy Consultation Forum of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth

2 Sep 2019 to 3 Sep 2019
Bangkok , Thailand
By invitation only

The Fourteenth Policy Consultation Forum of the SINGG will take place during the Asia-Pacific Climate Week from 2 to 3 September 2019 and be organized with the theme “Enhancing and implementing NDCs with ambition and transparency.
The Forum aims to enhance the capacity of member states for implementing climate action in a more effectively implementing climate action by accelerating NDC implementation with ambition and transparency

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for nearly half of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, need to accelerate efforts to tackle climate change through stronger climate actions and enhanced NDCs. Measures to track and document real emissions also need to be implemented. The Paris Agreement emphasizes the role and importance of NDCs and transparency frameworks, including through national communication, biennial report, biennial update reports, and national inventory reports, to provide a clear understanding of climate change action.  

To support efforts of member states in implementing the Paris Agreement, the 14th SINGG Forum will review current NDCs in Asia-Pacific, and discuss strategies to strengthen mitigation ambitions of NDCs. It will also provide an overview of science-based tools to review the emission reduction and report the achievement of NDCs, such as the national inventory report and the biannual report mandated in the Paris agreement. Finally, the Forum will emphasize the importance of setting a long-term pathway that will provide sustainable GHG reductions against cumulative emissions.