First Working Group Meeting on the Development of Seamless Connectivity

22 Dec 2014 to 23 Dec 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

Resolution 70/1 on the Implementation of the Bangkok Declaration on Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific requested the secretariat to assist members and associate members in setting up and supporting the activities of expert working groups in four areas, including development of seamless connectivity across the region. The first meeting of the Working Group will be organized by the secretariat from 22 to 23 December 2014 in Bangkok at the United Nations Conference Centre. The purpose of this meeting is to initiate the activities of the working group in taking stock of the current situation, identifying the gaps and issues and recommending actions and an action plan. The national experts will undertake an in-depth discussion of connectivity issues in the region, including in the areas of transport, ICT and energy. The Working Group is expected to propose a number of ecommendations for enhancing economic and technical cooperation to address the priorities identified.