Expert Group Meeting on the Harmonization of the Rules and Regulations for Facilitation of International Railway Transport

4 Sep 2017 to 5 Sep 2017

Efficient railway transport can successfully support economic and social development while offering an environmentally friendly and more cost-effective way of moving people and goods. The need to develop the international railway transport has acquired renewed urgency under the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda under which countries aim to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. At regional level ESCAP Resolution 71/7 on Adoption of the Regional Cooperation Framework for Facilitation of International Railway Transport also recognizes the importance of railway transport and its relevance for Asia and the Pacific.

To implement the Resolution 71/7 and facilitate international railway transport in Asia and between Asia and Europe the secretariat is implementing a project on “Harmonization of the Rules and Regulations for Facilitation of International Railway Transport in the region”. Under the project, studies are being undertaken to recommend measures on further enhancing efficiency of railway border crossings and on common technical standards and harmonized operational practices along the international railway corridors.

The recommendations of these studies would aim to support the operationalization of the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Trans-Asian Railway Network by supplementing the efforts of the railways in the region to enhance: (a) the efficiency of the railway border crossing processes; and (b) technical and operational interoperability along international railway corridors to increase reliability of international railway freight transport operations.

Contact person:
Mr. Sandeep Raj Jain
Transport Division
Tel: 66-2-288 1426, e-mail: [email protected]