Expert Group Meeting on Documentation and Procedures for Rail-Based Intermodal Transport Services in Northeast and Central Asia

30 Aug 2016 to 31 Aug 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

ESCAP Transport Division is implementing a project entitled “Development of seamless rail-based intermodal transport services in Northeast and Central Asia for enhancing Euro-Asian transport linkages”. The project is being implemented with the active participation of concerned transport officials in China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation.

ESCAP has already conducted a number of field visits to the above countries with the objectives of: 1. establishing an inventory of the current requirements for documents for rail-based intermodal transport with road and maritime transport segments, and of railway border crossing procedures; 2. analyzing available international good practices; and 3. suggesting possible ways of simplifying and streamlining documents and formalities related to rail-based intermodal transport (including at seaports and border crossings).

On the basis of data collected during the field visits, ESCAP has prepared a draft report on documentation and procedures for rail-based intermodal transport services in Northeast and Central Asia.

ESCAP is now organizing the above-mentioned Expert Group Meeting (EGM) to discuss the findings of the draft report, exchange experiences and foster discussion among relevant experts on how to move towards a greater harmonization of transport documents to facilitate international transport in the region.