Expert Group Meeting on Comprehensive Planning of Eurasian Transport Corridors

5 Jul 2017 to 6 Jul 2017
Beijing, China

Asia-Europe connectivity remains dominated by sea and air routes. Transport over land is underutilized because land routes are heavily impeded by missing and substandard links in the infrastructure networks as well as by complex and non-harmonized cross-border and transit transport documentation, formalities and procedures. These are not hampering the inter-regional exchanges only, but also impact the intra-regional connectivity along the Eurasian corridors.

In this context, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP) is undertaking a study to identify infrastructure gaps and challenges, assess existing operational status, and propose mechanisms and measures to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and seamlessness of transport and logistics along three major corridors connecting Asia and Europe by road and railway.

The Expert Group Meeting is organized to share preliminary findings of the study and review the quality of existing infrastructure network along major corridors; identify major economic centers along the corridors as well as short-term and long-term national transport development plans and strategies; share experience in methodologies for investment prioritization of transport related projects; and assess operational status along the corridors.

Participation in the EGM is by invitation only.

Contact person:
Mr. Edouard Chong, Economic Affairs Officer, Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section, Transport Division, Email: [email protected]

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