Expert Dialogue on Scaling Up Regional Cooperation in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems in Asia-Pacific with a focus on flood and drought

26 Aug 2019 to 29 Aug 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

Scientific and technical advances offer the potential to enhance early warning information and thereby enable proactive risk management at all governance levels. However, the continuing upward trend of losses due to disasters in the Asia and the Pacific region indicates that the expected benefits from advances in forecasting and early warning are not necessarily translating into risk management strategies in many countries in the region. This is due to numerous challenges including a lack of technical and institutional capacity to produce and apply operational information.

Regional cooperation provides an opportunity to address these challenges, as member countries can leverage the benefits of economies of scale and the sharing of knowledge, information, and tools for multi-hazard early warning systems. Cooperation is also required given the transboundary nature of floods and droughts.

This Expert Dialogue will be convened to review the capability of existing regional cooperation for multi-hazard early warning systems to respond to new challenges, trends, and opportunities. Focusing on information, learning and technical support, participants will formulate recommendations to upgrade regional cooperation, building on insights from expert consultations carried out by ESCAP (2017-2018) and ESCAP initiatives under the ASEAN-UN Joint Strategic Plan of Action on Disaster Management (2016-2020). Further, it will explore linkages and opportunities under the UKAID funded Asia Regional Resilience to a Changing Climate (ACRCC)” Programme, currently being implemented in South Asia by the UK Meteorological Office (UKMO) in partnership with Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems for Africa and Asia (RIMES).

Participants will build on these insights in panel discussions, ignite talks, small group discussions and plenary sessions, to develop recommendations for the sixth session of the intergovernmental ESCAP Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction.

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