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15 January 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

By invitation only

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) hosted an Executive Secretary's Seminar Series by Dr. David Malone on “International Development: Ideas and Experience”. The seminar will take place on 15 January 2016 from 1400 to 1530 hours at the United Nations Conference Centre, Meeting Room A, Bangkok.

Dr. David Malone will draw on the book International Development: Ideas, Practice and Prospects (2014), which he helped edit. He will discuss international efforts to promote development, which, starting in the early 1950s, were shaped largely by the ideas of the Scottish enlightenment. He will highlight that these ideas have been tested in newly decolonized and other developing countries, and found to be largely irrelevant to their local contexts. This has led to a succession of new waves of thinking, which often disappointed as well. Building on this historical context, he will show that our wider thinking on development remains challenging, even today. 

Dr. David Malone has been the Rector of the United Nations University since March 2013. Prior to that, Dr. Malone served as President of Canada’s International Development Research Centre. He was also Canada’s Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and served as Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations. He has also served as President of the International Peace Academy (now International Peace Institute), a New York-based independent research and policy development institution. Dr. Malone is a Guest Scholar and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, and an Adjunct Professor at the New York University School of Law. Dr. Malone has published extensively on peace and security issues. For instance, he is co-editor of Nepal in Transition: From People’s War to Fragile Peace (2012), and The Oxford Handbook of Indian Foreign Policy (2015). He holds an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a DPhil in International Relations from Oxford University.

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