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03 August to 18 September 2020 | By invitation only

The 7-week online course intends to raise awareness of stakeholders from public and private sectors on trade facilitation, build their capacity on using relevant trade facilitation instruments, and enable them to more effectively support or participate in implementing trade facilitation measures.

The course combines video presentations, online exercises, group work and interactive sessions with experts. It covers several key trade facilitation topics, including two workshops dedicated to specific practical measures:
○  Concept of trade facilitation and sustainable development, trade facilitation state of play in the region and beyond, assessing trade facilitation performance using indicators
○   WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and other tools and instruments for trade facilitation
○   Role of National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC)
○   Workshop on Business Process Analysis (BPA) to simplify trade procedures
○   Workshop on Enhancing online National Trade Portals/Repositories (NTP/Rs)
○   Implementing paperless trade and Single Windows
○   Digital Trade Facilitation and Emerging Technologies
○   Other advanced topics in trade facilitation

After completing the course, participants should be able to understand what trade facilitation is and available key trade facilitation measures and instruments, as well as apply selected techniques to analyze and improve trade facilitation performance. 

ESCAP e-Learning Series for Day 4- 9
Business Process Analysis to Simplify Trade Procedures
Module 1: BPA for Trade Facilitation: an Introduction
Module 2: BPA for Trade Facilitation: Unified Modeling Language
Module 3: BPA for Trade Facilitation: BPA Project and Scope Setting
Module 4: BPA for Trade Facilitation: BPA Project Planning
Module 5: BPA for Trade Facilitation: Data Collection and Process Documentation
Module 6: BPA for Trade Facilitation: Process Analysis and Recommendations Development
Module 7: From BPA to TTFMM


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