Call for 2015-16 Pilot Project Proposal for Seoul Initiative on Green Growth

10 Mar 2015

The Seoul Initiative on Green Growth (SINGG) has taken a leading role in supporting a regional cooperation framework for the sustainable development through promoting Green Growth. Also, it facilitates its activities to create synergies between economic growth and sustainability, and to contribute to the achievement of an economically vibrant and sustainable future for Asia and the Pacific.

SINGG is aiming at promoting the sustainable development and enhancing performance to manage environmental issues. In order to achieve these targets, Pilot project is being implemented to disseminate Green Growth principles at the national level. It enables member countries to build their own capacity to achieve the sustainable development. The fund will be supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea (KMOE). The SINGG Secretariat, Korean Environmental Cooperation (KECO), with KMOE and UN ESCAP will review the proposals for pilot projects submitted by member countries and select the best proposals for applying the concept of Green Growth.

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