Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Caucus

1 Sep 2000 to 4 Sep 2000

The Asia-Pacific regional Youth Caucus was held from 1 - 4 September 2000 in Kitakyushu, Japan. The Caucus adopted the following appeal which was presented to the Ministerial Conference:

We, the youth of the Asia-Pacific region, sincerely thank the assembled governments for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves today.

To begin, we would like to remind you of certain facts:

that at least one in three Asians has no access to safe drinking water,
that over half have no access to sanitation, and,
that climate change and sea level rise are already occurring, causing severe problems in the Asia-Pacific Region.
In spite of the Asia|-Pacific region being rich in diversity, both in its natural and cultural heritage, we all share a common dream.

We dream of living in an environment that brings us joy, not anxiety,
We dream of having clean、fresh drinking water and not turning our rivers into sewers
Above all, we dream of living - not existing.

So, we stand here, embodying this dream as the youth of today, to appeal to you to help us.

We have been working with international organizations, governments and NGOs in tackling environmental problems while increasing youth awareness and strengthening the network among us.

Moreover, in December last year we drafted the Singapore Declaration and the Regional Action Plan for Youth to affirm our commitment to act on pressing regional environmental issues

As you can see we are doing what we can. However, we also need your help.

We appeal to you to give local support to young people by focusing on:

Environmental education, both in school curriculums and extra-curricula activities,
Capacity building by conducting training workshops,
Funding by creating links between governments and the private sector.
We appeal to you to increase the involvement of young people in environmental decision-making by:

Giving recognition to and respect youth ideas by establishing youth consultancy processes,
Including at least one young person on your delegations, with a commitment to include a young person on every delegation at RIO+10 and the CSD.
Finally, we appeal to you to uphold your responsibilities as environmental policymakers by:

Enforcing your environmental laws and accepting responsibility for your actions,
Promoting appropriate technology transfer and cooperation, both locally and globally,
Moving towards sustainable production and consumption.
According to Agenda 21, Chapter 25, to which all of you agreed, you said, "It is imperative that youth from all parts of the world participate actively in all relevant levels of decision-making processes because it affects our lives today and has implications for our future."

We hope that you will act upon your words. A timely proclamation of this would be the inclusion of a commitment to working with us in your Ministerial Declaration.

We want to be your partner in this process by contributing our energy and enthusiasm.

We are an untapped, unlimited and invaluable resource.

Believe in us, young people – a force for change.