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27 November 2018 | By invitation only

Asia-Pacific Regional Expert Group Meeting on Reviewing Implementation of Commitments from the Asia-Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV and AIDS Beyond 2015 was jointly organized by ESCAP and UNAIDS Co-sponsors on 27 November 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand at the United Nations Conference Centre.

The purpose of the Meeting was to review national progress in meeting the commitments contained in the Asia Pacific Regional Framework for Action on HIV and AIDS beyond 2015 which was adopted at the Asia Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV and AIDS in January 2015. The Framework was developed in response to commitments contained in General Assembly resolution 65/277 on the Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: Intensifying Our Efforts to Eliminate HIV and AIDS; UNESCAP Resolutions 66/10 and 67/9; and the outcome of the Asia-Pacific High-level Intergovernmental Meeting on the Assessment of Progress against Commitments in the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals.

The expected outcomes of the Meeting included the following:

(i) Provide countries with an opportunity to report on progress against the Asia Pacific Regional Framework for Action on HIV and AIDS beyond 2015 across its three pillars, namely:
a. Continuing national reviews and multisectoral consultations on legal and policy barriers;
b. National stakeholder consultations to promote access to affordable medicines, diagnostics and vaccines; and
c. Evidence-based national HIV investment cases and sustainability plans. 

This included sharing of key milestones achieved, lessons learned, local solutions to challenges met, and strategic opportunities and entry points to integrate HIV in other national health and development programs and sustainability plans; 

(ii) Share experiences and lessons learned on their own HIV response progress to fast track their responses towards achieving the commitments agreed to in the Regional Framework; and

(iii) Review countries’ progress against the outcomes of the 2016 High Level Meeting on HIV where member states agreed to targets for 2020 and 2030.


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