ASEAN Workshop on “Development of mechanisms for acquisition and utilisation of space-based information during emergency response

15 Apr 2014 to 16 Apr 2014
Yogakarta, Indonesia

As part of the implementation of AHA Centre strategic plan in establishing arrangements to provide situation monitoring in the event of disaster to provide regional support to joint emergency response, a satellite imagery as part of the space based information need to be acquired and analysed within 72 hours after a disaster strikes. A clear and common mechanism must be developed to ensure fast, reliable and accurate results from space based information. The mechanism would provide detailed requirements and steps on how to activate the available international mechanisms like the International Charter Space and Major Disasters, Sentinel Asia, and identify opportunities for bilateral collaborations in addressing smaller emergencies that are not supported by the Charter and Sentinel Asia. This will include identifying issues and potential solutions on capacity building, database, financial requirements, mapping procedure, and institutional coordination.