ASEAN High-Level Policy Dialogue on Risk Assessment, New World Manila Bay Hotel, Manila, Philippines, 15 September 2017

15 Sep 2017
Manila, Philippines

ASEAN High-Level Policy Dialogue on Risk Assessment

In recognition to the progress made over 50 years, ASEAN under AADMER 2010 – 2015 conducted a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) which identified several gaps related to legal basis, assessment methodologies, and coordination platforms among others. Substance-wise there is a gap between hazard assessments on the one hand and assessments of vulnerability and capacity on the other. Typically, inputs are dispersed among various agencies, and may be too sector focused or too concentrated on a limited geography or narrowly defined hazard.

The ACDM-WG RAA, with its partners such as the Pacific Disaster Center and the Asian Development Bank, is carrying out technical work that includes a regional training workshop on implementation of ASEAN Regional Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) Guidelines, promotion and outreach of RVA Guidelines to line ministries, and translation of the RVA Guidelines into seven languages. In its latest meeting in Manila in mid-July 2017, the WG recognized the importance of an enabling policy environment for the implementation of the regional guidelines.

Building on what has been already accomplished, and as outlined in the section above, the High-Level Policy Dialogue will serve as a platform for elevating to ASEAN level the policy issues pertinent to the conduct of disaster risk assessment and awareness, and the optimal utilization of results to support development planning and disaster risk management. Some of the key topics that the participants will discuss are:

(i) Stocktaking of ASEAN’s accomplishments on disaster risk and vulnerability assessments;
(ii) Identifying the critical features of the general and sectoral policy framework to support the conduct and utilization of findings of disaster risk assessments;
(iii) Framing the policy environment that is needed to help implement the risk assessment guidelines; and
(iv) Listing the recommendations for ASEAN sectoral bodies to consider results of assessments of disaster risk, particularly those with transboundary nature and where disaster risk management plays key role to conflict prevention.

The High-Level Policy Dialogue is a deliverable under the ASEAN-UN Joint Strategic Plan of Action on Disaster Management 2016-2020, AADMER Priority Programme 1: AWARE for which ESCAP as a Co-Chair of the UN Asia-Pacific Regional Coordination Thematic Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (TWG-D3R) is in the lead.