ARTNeT Webinar: Price fairness and access to medicine and vaccine

19 Nov 2020

Fair pricing of medicines seeks to balance the incentives for pharmaceutical companies for bringing a steady stream of effective medicines to the market and the imperatives of affordability and accessibility of these medicines for the patients. What is the evidence and is there a pathway to achieving fair pricing of medicines?

Biswajit Dhar is Professor, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. He has been involved in trade policy issues, particularly in the context of the multilateral trading system, both as a researcher and a policy adviser to the Government of India, as well as expert for UNDP, UNESCAP, FAO, UNCTAD and WTO.

Bryan Mercurio is the Simon F.S. Li Professor of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, having served as Associate Dean (Research) from 2010-14 and again from 2017-19. Professor Mercurio specialises in international economic law, with particular expertise in the intersection between trade law and intellectual property rights, free trade agreements, trade in services, dispute settlement and increasingly international investment law.

T. Alexander Puutio is an ARTNeT Advisor on international trade, investment and intellectual property and Ph.d. researcher at University of Turku. Mr. Puutio’s research focuses on the interconnections of intellectual property, development economics and international trade and he specializes on the interpretation and assessment of free trade agreements.