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06 to 10 June 2016 | By invitation only

Forming part of the ARTNeT-AFD project on examining barriers to ASEAN integration, this workshop will bring together selected research teams from Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Viet Nam alongside other participants. Topics will include regional integration, non-tariff barriers, geographical indications, and mutual recognition agreements. Participants will discuss their own research proposals and recieve peer feedback on approaches and methodologies. The workshop will take place 6-10 June 2016 in Bangkok. For more information please contact [email protected]

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  1. Programme - ARTNeT-AFD Research Capacity Building Workshop on ASEAN Integration


  1. Project Outline - ARTNeT-AFD Research Capacity Building Workshop on ASEAN Integration
  2. Session 1 - Recent Trends in Trade, Investments and GVCs and Implications for ASEAN Economies
  3. Session 2 - The ASEAN Economic Community: Progress Towards Commitments on Regional Integration including NTMs
  4. Session 3 - Facilitating Trade to Narrow Development Gaps in ASEAN
  5. Session 4 - Overview of Non-Tariff Measures: What They Are and How They Affect Trade
  6. Session 5 - NTMs in ASEAN: What Data Is Available and What Is Missing
  7. Session 6 - Gathering Original Data on NTMs: Methodologies and Best practices
  8. Session 7 - Streamlining NTMs in Cambodia: Challenges and Way Forward
  9. Session 8 - Hands on Session: Getting to Know the WITS and ITIP Databases
  10. Session 9 - Measuring the Economic Impacts of NTMs (Part 1)
  11. Session 10 - Measuring the Economic Impacts of NTMs (Part 2)
  12. Session 11 - Estimating the Impact of Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) on Potential Export for Lao PDR: A Case of Agricultural and Agro-food Products
  13. Session 13 - Introduction to Mutual Recognition Agreements in ASEAN
  14. Session 14 - Determining the Economic benefits of MRA to CLMV Countries
  15. Session 15 - Reducing Non-Tariff Measures - Benefitting from Mutual Recognition in ASEAN
  16. Session 16 - Geographical Indications as a Tool for Development
  17. Session 17 - Evaluating Impacts of Geographical Indications: Research Methods
  18. Session 18 - Geographical Indications: Experiences in Peru

for more information, please contact

Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]