First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific

30 Mar 2016 to 31 Mar 2016
Incheon, Republic of Korea

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea will co-host the First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific on 30-31 March 2016 in Incheon, Republic of Korea.


The international community adopted in 2015 three historic, universal and transformative agreements – the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) on Financing for Development in July, the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in September, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in December. The adoption of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, a comprehensive and integrated framework for financing sustainable development, is expected to reinvigorate and strengthen the Financing for Development (FfD) process which is to reaffirm and build on the 2002 Monterrey Consensus and the 2008 Doha Declaration. Furthermore, this important means of implementation (MoI) framework aims to lay out the action-oriented mechanism in the spirit of global partnership and solidarity for supporting implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

In this context, the First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific will provide an important opportunity to gather regional momentum, scale up consolidated efforts and recalibrate the regional financial architecture to lay down a solid foundation for supporting implementation of SDGs. To support the follow-up process at the regional level, the dialogue could provide an opportunity to the policymakers to further review the several commitments under the AAAA, and to approach their implementation process in Asia and the Pacific region.

Expected Outcome

The dialogue will adopt the Chair's Summary,containing the key policy recommendations of a regional plan of action on FfD, and serve as key input to the annual ESCAP commission session in May 2016, and to the Financing for Development deliberation of the United Nations General Assembly.


Background Note

Discussion Papers

ESCAP Papers

Session 1: Regional tax cooperation in Asia and the Pacific - [Concept Note]

Session 2: Capital markets, securities commissions and regulations in Asia and the Pacific - [Concept Note]

Session 3: Financing for Infrastructure Development - [Concept Note]

Session 4: Financial inclusion - [Concept Note]

Session 5: Climate finance - [Concept Note]

Session 6: South-South cooperation and triangular development cooperation, with a focus on the countries with special needs - [Concept Note]

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