APEF Subregional Consultation Meeting for the Pacific

8 Oct 2012 to 9 Oct 2012
Nadi, Fiji

The APEF subregional consultation meeting for the Pacific took place as part of the High-level Policy Dialogue on the Role of Macroeconomic Policy and Energy Security in supporting Sustainable Development in the Pacific, co-organized by ESCAP's Environment and Development Division, Macroeconomic Policy and Development Division and Pacific Office.

During Session 2 on Enhancing Energy Security for Sustainable Development, active participation took place from Pacific island countries and various development partners working in the region. Presentations by the Secretariat to the Pacific Community (SPC), Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), IUCN, UNDP and UN-DESA, in addition to ESCAP on the background paper for APEF on the Pacific perspective were followed by the Solomon Islands and Tonga. Other countries such as the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu and Fiji shared their overview in the ensuing meeting sessions.

One of the main areas of discussion was the particular role of pricing and budget reform to enhance energy security in a region with such high dependence on fossil fuel imports and the resultant vulnerability to price shocks. Fiscal mechanisms to encourage more efficient use of energy and more renewables in the energy mix, especially in the transport sector, were highlighted.

Another key point was made to build on existing initiatives and commitments in the Pacific in the preparation for and follow-up to APEF. Delegates of Pacific island countries emphasized the importance and value of the 2010 Framework for Action on Energy Security and urged ESCAP to assist in its implementation.