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The Fifteenth Policy Consultation Forum of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth "Opportunities for Green Recovery from the COVID-19 – Green New Deal"
The virtual meeting, 18th November 2020 (13:00-14:40 hours/Bangkok time)


Phase III of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SINGG) has focused on enhancing the capacity of member States to implement green and inclusive growth strategies in support of environment-related SDGs since it launched in 2016.

The Fifteenth Policy Consultation Forum of the SINGG will take place through the on-line platform and be organized with the theme "Opportunities for green recovery from the COVID-19 – Green New Deal."

The COVID-19 has resulted in the worst economic downturn that the world has ever seen since the Great Depression . The immediate focus has been on social and economic emergency responses. However, as we move towards long-term recovery planning and resilience planning, a window of opportunity has opened for structural changes to economies and societies worldwide. These structural changes include a growing call for an environmentally friendly economy, recognizing the urgent need for climate actions.

A transition to a green economy for climate action does not merely enhance people's quality of life but also offers opportunities to create new industries and jobs through growing investment. Investment in climate-friendly measures will not only be able to drive the recovery from the COVID-19, but also accelerate the transition towards a green economy. In line with these efforts, the EU approved the most ambitious green stimulus package in sync with the EU's Green Deal strategy in June, and South Korea also announced the Korean Green New Deal, which aims to promote the development of environmentally friendly infrastructure with unprecedented investment.

Member States also need to consider economic stimulus and recovery measures to strengthen the resilience and transform their structure with a long-term perspective. In order to design and implement effective strategies in each country, it would be necessary for policymakers to enhance their knowledge of best practices and share perspectives of other countries. In this regard, the fifteenth Policy Consultation Forum of the SINGG will provide member States with the opportunity to understand the implication of green recovery from the COVID-19 and raise awareness on regional efforts to use the pandemic as a chance to transform the economy.


The Forum aims to strengthen a network among member States for sharing the best practices and experiences for overcoming the current situation and moving forward to the green economy, by increasing the knowledge of member States on green recovery strategies in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Expected Outcomes

1. To share insights on the importance of economic stimulus and recovery plan to overcome the downturn induced by the COVID-19
2. To enhance the knowledge of best practices to use the pandemic as the opportunity of a transition toward a sustainable green economy

Target Group

The Forum targets government officials from environment ministries and/or government agencies responsible for setting, implementing, and reviewing the sustainable development strategies and climate change action in the Asia-Pacific region.



for more information, please contact

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