43rd Session of the APTA Standing Committee

26 May 2014 to 27 May 2014
Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

The ESCAP/TID-APTA Secretariat is organizing the 43rd session of the APTA Standing Committee from 26-27 May 2014 in Vientiane, hosted by the Government of Lao PDR for the first time. The Committee will consolidate progress made towards South-South regional trade cooperation and integration by in-depth discussion, consultation and negotiations on pertinent/salient issues such as: the completion of Mongolia’s accession process to the APTA; finalization of the negotiations on the supplementary Rules of Origin under the APTA; confirmation of the wording on draft legal instrument to conclude the 4th Round of tariff concessions and recommendations to the APTA Ministerial Council session at its 4th session; and finalization of the draft Ministerial Declaration and preparations for the 4th session of the APTA Ministerial Council rescheduled for July 2014. The APTA is a unique regional trade agreement whose membership is open to all developing member States of ESCAP.