2nd National Workshop on Innovative Climate Finance Mechanisms for the Financial Institutions in the Philippines

8 Dec 2017
Manila, Philippines

The 2nd National Workshop on Innovative Climate Financing Mechanisms for Financial Institutions in the Philippines was held in Manila on 8 December 2017. The workshop was attended by key stakeholders in climate finance, including commercial and cooperative banking professionals, central bank representatives, think tanks, policymakers and international financial institutions such as IFC. The findings from the Philippines' scoping study were presented, regional perspectives and best practices on governance and regulation in Indonesia and Pakistan were provided and a shared understanding of the country's needs in advancing climate finance was developed. The workshop also included technical sessions on mechanisms and opportunities to mobilise climate finance in domestic circuits. Through interactive groupwork, participants articulated a series of country-specific recommendations highlighting the need for conceptual clarity on climate finance, enabling frameworks for investment in low-carbon, sustainable development and collaborative action between the central bank and other financial institutions at the national level.