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02 March 2023, 14:00 - 15:15 Indochina Time / Bangkok | Open meeting


About the session

This session will present the 30th Global Trade Alert Report issued in late December 2022 under the title: Must Do Better: Trade & Industrial Policy and the SDGs authored by Simon J. Evenett and Johannes Fritz. 

Many governments reckon their trade policies promote environmental improvements, the clean energy transition, improved conditions for workers, and other aspects of sustainable development. Yet many critics and promoters of trade reform pour cold water on the notion that commercial policy should target the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs).

To take this discussion forward, this Global Trade Alert Report offers a factual assessment of what commercial policy has contributed to the SDGs since the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable development came into effect in 2016 and how much more it could contribute from here on. Also, the Report tackles head-on the apparent tension between openness and advancing SDGs and puts forward suggestions to resolve it.

The Report can be downloaded at this hyperlink. This report’s Executive Summary can be downloaded at this hyperlink.


Simon J. Evenett, Founder, St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade and Coordinator, Global Trade Alert (GTA) Database


Ian Coxhead, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Development Economies (IDE), Japan and Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA



Mia Mikic, ARTNeT / WomeninARTNeT and Waikato Management School



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