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02 to 04 October 2023 | By invitation only

The Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations (ReCAMA) was established by ESCAP’s Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) in 2014. ReCAMA aims to promote sustainable agricultural mechanization in Asia and the Pacific through strengthening the capacity of national agricultural machinery associations, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information, and enhancing collaboration and closer business connections among national associations and their members. ReCAMA is an important initiative for scaling-up the availability, adoption and sustainable use of agricultural machinery at the regional level through a demand-driven model closely involving the private sector.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference of ReCAMA, a Member Meeting is convened once a year to discuss and make decisions on matters pertinent to the Council’s operations and development.

The 9th Member Meeting of ReCAMA is expected to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To review and endorse the work report of ReCAMA for 2023;
  2. To discuss and agree on the work plan for 2024;
  3. To review and approve participation of member associations and applications of observers (if any); and
  4. To discuss major administrative, financial and other matters related to the Council.

The 9th Member Meeting of ReCAMA will review and endorse the work report of ReCAMA in 2023 and discuss the work plan in 2024. In order to maximize international exposure for the participants, apart from the Member Meeting, the programme will include visits to Bursa Agriculture and Stock Breeding Fairs as well as enterprises and farms.

Expected participants include representatives of ReCAMA member associations and their member enterprises from the Asia-Pacific region as well as other pertinent stakeholders.

for more information, please contact

Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) +8610 8225 3580/81/82/85 [email protected]
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