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28 September 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 China Standard Time | Open meeting


The Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) of ESCAP, in collaboration with partners, will organize a workshop titled ‘Workshop on Climate Smart Mechanization for Transforming Agriculture in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas’ on 28th September 2022. The workshop will seek to enhance capacity in addressing climate challenges and food insecurity in the drought-prone areas and contribute towards the objectives of the Food Systems Summit which calls for pragmatic actions for improved global food systems.

The workshop will gather and deliberate on the cutting-edge and innovative mechanization technologies and solutions for arid and semi-arid areas in enabling improved and sustainable agriculture with a focus on how innovative agricultural technologies can improve farmers’ resilience to climate change in fight against drought attacks and support food systems transformation for developing countries with emphasis on smallholder farmers and vulnerable communities.

The training workshop will be co-organized by ESCAP-CSAM, the Sub-regional Office for North and Central Asia (SONCA) of ESCAP, the World Food Programme China Office, Administrative Committee of Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone of China as well as the International Poverty Reduction Center of China (IPRCC).

The workshop will primarily be tailored to the needs and demands of Central Asian countries, but it will also be open to other interested countries and sub-regions. 

for more information, please contact

Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) +8610 8225 3580/81/82/85 [email protected]
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