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31 January to 01 February 2022 | By invitation only

Virtual Meeting, MS Teams, Bangkok, Thailand

COVID-19 has highlighted the key role of trade and transport in fighting the pandemic. In this context, ESCAP, together with the World Health Organization, is implementing the research project “From Lab to Jab: Improving Asia-Pacific’s Readiness to Produce and Deliver Vaccines” to better understand the determinants of vaccine production and delivery in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on cross-border cooperation, trade, and transportation. The findings of the project should help developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region to improve vaccine trade and transport connectivity and better prepare for the next pandemic as well as fight other communicable diseases.

This expert group meeting brings together researchers and experts to discuss preliminary research findings of the eight thematic studies commissioned, and to provide inputs and further direction in the project.

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ESCAP-WHO From Lab to Jab project webpage

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Trade, Investment and Innovation Division +66 2 288-1234 [email protected]
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