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02 November 2021, 09:00 AM - 11:15 AM UTC +7 | By invitation only

Capacity, Training, Worksop, Pacific, Internet, Exchange, IXP

The establishment of subregional Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) can improve Internet’s affordability, latency and traffic capacity. Yet, in the Pacific, few countries have established IXPs.  Papua New Guinea and Fiji established national IXPs in 2017 with assistance from Internet Society, APNIC and other partners. It resulted in a 10% decrease of Internet services price in PNG and Internet latency in Fiji between local operators improving significantly from 60ms to 2ms.

To this effect, a capacity building workshop of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) was held in 2019 to discuss improving Internet traffic management through an IXP. Seven Pacific Island countries expressed interest. Solomon Islands requested the ESCAP secretariat to organize a follow-up capacity building workshop, to exchange ideas on how to operationalize the Pacific IXP proposal. A second capacity building workshop was held in 2020, which was followed by national consultations in the target countries (Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand) to raise awareness of various domestic stakeholders (regulators, national Internet exchanges, telecom operators, and ministries of ICTs) regarding possible options to build the Pacific IXP. 

The national consultations found general support from various domestic stakeholders in the target countries towards establishing the Pacific IXP. Samoa requested the ESCAP secretariat and partners to facilitate building consensus and arrangement on establishing of the Pacific IXPs through a memorandum of agreement among key stakeholders in the 3 target countries. 

The objectives of this workshop are twofold:

(1). To share with key stakeholders (1) the final guideline on the operationalization strategy plan for building the Pacific IXP in the platform of Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) and (2) a draft operational costing study on establishing the Pacific IXP for Fiji, New Zealand & Samoa.

(2). To review a draft Memorandum of Understanding.

Government officials in the Ministry responsible for ICT, Internet Exchange Point Authority, Regulators, and Internet Service Providers, will be invited to attend.

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