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19 to 20 January 2021

By invitation only

ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office has been organizing a series of training-workshops to strengthen subregional connectivity in East and North-East Asia through effective economic corridor management. China, Mongolia, and the Russian Federation signed the Program of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor on June 2016 aimed towards the expansion and development of the trilateral partnership through implementation of joint projects.


The two training-workshops, held in October and December, focused on technical issues including transport corridors, dry ports, energy transit, railway transport, project management and trade facilitation.


Aside from strengthening knowledge and capacities, the training-workshops also aim to bring together officials from the three countries and provide a platform to collectively engage on issues of mutual interests. To this end, the 3rd training workshop (last of the series), will focus on cross-border infrastructure financing and institutional issues related to economic corridors.  


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