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30 June 2021 | By invitation only

Transport Sector: Cross-Sectoral Linkages towards Resilient Connectivity



The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the need to address disruptions in operational connectivity and supply chains involving several sectors. Countries in the East and North-East Asian subregion have pursued multiple approaches to achieve secure, efficient, and seamless trade and transport connectivity within and beyond national borders. While governments have taken these measures to address the immediate adverse impacts caused by the pandemic, going forward, there are opportunities to build on lessons learned to strengthen pandemic preparedness and resilience of transport connectivity in line with sustainable development. The need for cross-sectoral coordination among relevant agencies—both within each government and across countries—were reinforced, particularly at the height of the pandemic.


Through the years, transport and trade are dynamic areas of cooperation among member countries in the Greater Tumen Initiative region. Transport sector, being an important component of connectivity, is well-positioned to engage other sectors and generate momentum for joint collaborations to address issues of mutual interests. At a broader context, cross-sectoral linkages align with the directions of expanding cooperation areas within the platform of GTI highlighted in several of its official meetings.  ESCAP, a regional intergovernmental platform in the Asia-Pacific working on a broad range of sectors, works in partnership with GTI to promote sustainable economic development through regional cooperation and integration in line with the ESCAP-GTI Memorandum of Understanding.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic cut across sectors, hence, the focus on cross-sectoral linkages is timely as countries explore approaches on building back better towards more resilient connectivity. To this end, the Seminar aims to:

a. jointly engage GTI sectoral bodies on transport and trade issues of common interests;

b. present perspectives on areas of coordination on subregional connectivity involving transport and trade facilitation; and

c. identify approaches on how cross-sectoral linkages on connectivity can be strengthened in North-East Asia through the GTI platform. 

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Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia +82-32-458-6600 [email protected]
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