10th Regional Consultative Meeting on Good Urban Governance

2 Dec 2006
Mumbai, India

The Poverty Reduction Section of UNESCAP is the chair of the Regional Consultative Meeting on Good Urban Governance, which convenes annually to share experiences and identify common areas of work. This meeting has been operating since 1998. The 11th Regional Consultative Meeting (Manila, 15 November 2007) discussed the preparations for the World Urban Forum 4, to be held in Nanjing, China from 3 to 7 November 2008. Participants agreed to submit a joint proposal for a Networking event at the Forum under the title "Coping with Rapid urbanization and Climate change in Asia and the Pacific: Improving shelter, water, sanitation and solid waste management for environmentally harmonous cities".

Good urban governance is an important area of work for UNESCAP. Good governance has become, implicitly or explicitly, a core concept in most strategies implemented by the United Nations and its partner organizations. From the Millennium Declaration to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, good governance has been identified as critical for the success of poverty reduction efforts. Recently the scope of the Regional Consultative Meeting has been broadened to cover not only good urban governance, but also other issues related to urban poverty and human settlements.

The Regional Consultative Meeting is open to any organization working on urban governance issues in Asia and the Pacific. The purpose of the meeting is to update the partner agencies on current and future regional activities and to find mechanisms for complementing or reinforcing each other’s work for the promotion of good urban governance and eradication of urban poverty.