Bangkok, Thailand
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Environment and Development Division
Provisional agenda
Annotated provisional agenda
Tentative programme
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  Last update: March 19, 2010

Committee on Environment and Development

First session

Dates: 2-4 December 2009

Venue: Conference Room 3, United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok

Organizer: Environment and Development Division

Final Report English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/5

Agenda Item Title of Committee Documents Symbol
3 Adoption of the agenda

Provisional agenda

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/L.1
Annotated provisional agenda

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/L.2
4   High-level Panel on Key Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward in the Area of Environment and Development

5   Trends and progress in the field of environment and development

5(a)   Integration of environmental sustainability in development policy

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/1
5(b)   Enhanced access to services towards socially inclusive and sustainable development: water, sanitation, energy, transport and housing

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/2
6   Programme planning and monitoring

6(a)   Review of the implementation of the programme of work for 2008-2009 and highlights of the proposed programme of work for 2010-2011

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/3
6(b)   Review of the draft strategic framework for 2012-2013

English Chinese French Russian E/ESCAP/CED/4
7   Consideration of draft resolutions, recommendations and decisions for submission to the Commission at its sixty-sixth session

8   Other matters

9   Adoption of the report