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ESCAP celebrated its 75th anniversary on 28 March 2022. To commemorate the occasion, a yearlong campaign was launched in April 2021 at the 77th session of the Commission to highlight the achievements of ESCAP since 1947 and its role in shaping the future of regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific.

"My colleagues at ESCAP and I have confidence that we can emerge on the eve of our 75th anniversary with determination and drive to create a better society for all people in the Asia-Pacific region."

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History of ESCAP animation

A quick recap of our achievements over the past 75 years

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Commemoration Event

Commemorating 75 years of achievements at ESCAP

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Voices around the region

See how we join our partners and stakeholders in bringing a brighter future to Asia and the Pacific

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A day in a life of an ESCAP intern

Get an insight of what an ESCAP intern does throughout the day

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75 Questions series

A rare glimpse into our campus and an up-close and personal takes with our staff


Our Stories

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Executive Secretary

Bringing countries together is the cornerstone of what ESCAP does. Once we can achieve consensus on the issues at stake, the next step is to assist countries in providing the path forward, and ESCAP stands ready to do so. Building roadmaps entrenched in formalized policy so that countries understand the requirements of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is our aim. ESCAP will continue to work with other subregional organizations as well as private enterprise so that all of society has a stake in the outcome. Asia and the Pacific is a resilient region.

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Director, ICT and Disaster Risk Reduction Division

Asia and the Pacific has emerged from a period of colonialism to a dynamic region with a development process embedded in perpetual change. To its credit, ESCAP, as an organization, has changed with it. Once, it was primarily focused on post-war economic prosperity. Now, it has evolved into a body that encapsulates social issues, consensus building, commonality and knowledge sharing. ESCAP-led regional cooperation continues to be a significant contributor to institution building, which has brought the people of Asia and the Pacific closer together.

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Sustainable Development Officer

The 75-year journey of ESCAP mirrors that of Asia and the Pacific itself. With millions lifted from poverty and a transformation into the world’s economic centre, the region’s dynamism is plain to see. The future of ESCAP lies in the challenge to ensure human development is the centre of building forward better.

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ESCAP75 Regional hub

For 75 years,

ESCAP has been the regional hub of the United Nations, promoting cooperation among countries and ensuring that economic, social and environmental challenges are met with sound research, policy development and technical assistance so all member States can meet their sustainable development ambitions.

With still much to accomplish, ESCAP remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver essential services to its 53 members and nine associate members so that the next 75 years and beyond are better than today.