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PART I: Guide to participation

Please see the guide to participation here.

PART II: Election of the Governing Council of the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)

The three-year term of the members of the Governing Council of the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) will end at the seventy-sixth session of the Commission.

The Commission will therefore elect new members to serve on the Governing Council the regional institution during the session and the results will be announced under agenda item 10 Other matters.

Other general details regarding the election of the APCTT Governing Council including the nomination form can be found here.

Nominations received from members and associate members of the Commissionare (in alphabetical order):

1. Bangladesh

2. China

3. Indonesia

4. Islamic Republic of Iran

5. Nepal

6. Pakistan

7. Republic of Korea

8. Sri Lanka

9. Thailand

10. Uzbekistan

The secretariat recalls that (1) the statute of APCTT stipulates that the Governing Council shall consist “of a representative designated by the Government of India [as host country] and no fewer than eight representatives nominated by other members and associate members of ESCAP elected by the Commission” and (2) rule 41 of the rules of procedure of the Commission states that “all elections shall be decided by secret ballot.” However, bearing in mind the decision to convene the seventy-sixth session of the Commission through videoconferencing due to the exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and following consultation and agreement with the Advisory Committee of Permanent Representatives and Other Representatives Designated by Members of the Commission, the secretariat is pleased to inform the Seats of Government that all 10 nominees will be elected by acclamation during the session under agenda item 10.

PART III: Contributions to ESCAP Programme of Work and Regional Institutions

With the support of member State donors and partners, ESCAP has, over the years, contributed considerably to the development of Asia and the Pacific by establishing several key regional institutions; negotiating crucial agreements; undertaking quality normative and analytical work; advocating policies to address critical and emerging issues; and building capacities of its members to address development challenges facing the region.

At the Commission session every year, members and associate members of ESCAP indicate their support, both in-kind and financial, to the ESCAP programme of work and the regional institutions.

The contributions to ESCAP programme of work supplement regular budget resources and help us address development challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region.

ESCAP's regional institutions (APCICT, APCTT, APDIM, CSAM and SIAP) are hubs of capacity building in focused areas directly linked to the SDGs. They also act as a platform for exchanging good practices among member States, fostering South-South cooperation. The viability of these regional institutions is largely dependent on the financial and in-kind contributions provided by their host Governments as well as the voluntary contributions made by other donors. In its resolution 71/1, the Commission encouraged all members and associate members of ESCAP to make the necessary regular annual contributions to the regional institutions.

In this regard, we would like to invite all members and associate members to consider making or increasing their pledge for financial support to the ESCAP programme of work and the regional institutions at the seventy-sixth session of the Commission.

Please make your pledge by filling out the pledging form.

Please email the form to [email protected], with a copy to [email protected] or announce your pledge during the deliberations on Agenda Item 6 (c): Overview of partnerships, extrabudgetary contributions and capacity development.

The ESCAP secretariat expresses its appreciation to member and associate members for the commitment and ongoing support to the work of ESCAP.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Ms. Maria Misovicova, Officer-in-Charge
Capacity Development and Partnerships Section
Strategy and Programme Management Division
Telephone: +66 2288 1667
Facsimile: +66 2288 3035
Email: [email protected]



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